Dec 19, 2018

Faces of WV Nursing

The Faces of WV Nursing Poster Project is a joint effort by the Future of Nursing WV Pipeline and Diversity Action Teams. The goal of the project is to attract more careers in nursing. WV nurses are invited to submit action photos of their practice along with their title and the WV high school or nursing school from which they graduated. The posters are then created including a  QR code, which takes students and counselors to the online Nursing Education Toolkit. The Toolkit provides information on nursing roles, scholarships, schools, earning potential and more resources to support students interested in a nursing career. Counselors and teachers can download the posters for their hallways and classrooms. Executive Director, Aila Accad, says “As the library of posters grows, we hope to have students able to see nurses who graduated from their high school pictured as role models for career success in healthcare and specifically nursing.” The next step in this project is to create a contest for students to find nurses who graduated from their school to include in the poster library.