The Innovations Fund

Phase: 2020

Project Description:


The Georgia Nursing Leadership Coalition designed and implemented a mentoring program to promote greater educational attainment and employment opportunities among Black male high school students. Their project, “High School to Higher Education: Increasing Black Male Representation in Nursing” employed a holistic approach to providing professional and personal development opportunities, which assisted mentors and mentees with building educational and employment-related skills.

Summary of completed project

The program staff employed creative outreach efforts, which resulted in strengthened relationships with program partners within the school districts. These relationships will allow the program to continue outreach efforts to future participants. Seven workshops were completed to provide personal and professional development opportunities for mentors and mentees.

Collaboration with the Georgia Nurses Association led to the creation of the Metro Atlanta Chapter of the American Association for Men in Nursing. The project staff plans to continue the program for one more year, expanding to regions in Georgia, beyond the Metro Atlanta area. They are meeting with other organizations and foundations to explore opportunities for program continuation beyond another year.


While the pandemic posed some issues for program recruitment, the project staff’s creative approach to outreach efforts and implementation methods helped the project continue to move forward. Eight mentors and eight mentees completed the program, and seven professional development workshops were held.