Mar 26, 2018

Missouri Center for Nursing Launches Survey to Seek Nursing Input

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Center for Nursing recently launched a Culture of Health survey to obtain valuable input from nurses across the state of Missouri.

As the largest and most trusted sector of health employment, nurses are imperative to improving the health of Missourians and are invited to participate in the Culture of Health Initiative Project (CHIP) aimed to shape the future of healthcare in Missouri through incorporating the concepts of culture of health in daily nursing practice.

The Missouri Center for Nursing is calling on nurses across the state of Missouri to complete an electronic survey to explore the need for nurses to incorporate value-based/population focused delivery systems into their daily care processes. The goal is to address gaps in resources and education critical systems issues, such as readmission rates in acute care.

Participation in CHIP involves completing an online questionnaire lasting approximately 10 minutes. Responses will be completely confidential and combined with all other responses for analysis. The purpose of this project is to create educational resources for the nurses and healthcare professionals in Missouri that will identify key concepts to build a culture of health and provide value-based population health information, which we hope will benefit your practice. To complete the survey, please visit For more details or questions about the project, contact