Apr 12, 2020

Thank You

NCAC would like to thank all healthcare professionals for all you are doing during the Covid-19 crisis. You are truly appreciated. Links to important information have been provided below. Please Stay Safe.

AARP: Rationing of Health Care is Not the Answer (https://staging.campaignforaction.org/aarp-rationing-of-health-care-is-not-the-answer/)
We are proud to be nurses today (https://staging.campaignforaction.org/we-are-proud-to-be-nurses-today/)
Nurses on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Response (https://staging.campaignforaction.org/nurses-on-the-frontlines-of-the-covid-19-response/)
Pandemic Strains the Nursing Workforce (https://staging.campaignforaction.org/pandemic-strains-the-nursing-workforce/)