Jan 09, 2017

North Carolina CNO Perceptions of BSN Workforce Survey

North Carolina Future of Nursing Action Coalition member Mary Schuler served as the project leader on a survey of North Carolina Chief Nursing Officers’ perceptions on promoting higher education in the nursing workforce. The survey also assessed plans and incentives hospitals, acute care facilities, and Public Health Chief Nursing Officers have in place to promote educational advancement. Over the survey’s three-year timeframe, a trend of gradual increase in the number of BSN prepared nurses in hospitals is evident. The most frequent incentives hospitals and acute care facilities offered for their nurses engaged in educational progression were tuition reimbursement, promotion, and clinical ladder advancement. Tuition reimbursement proved to be the most prevalent barrier to incentivizing public health nurses for continuing education due to lack of available funds, in addition to limited clinical ladder growth and pay increases. Greater than 85% of hospitals reported having strategies in place through human resources to increase the number of BSNs in their nursing workforce as opposed to 38% of Public Health Chief Nursing Officers. Check back for coming information on the repeat survey that was performed earlier this year.