Nov 29, 2016

Northeast Wisconsin Tech & UW Green Bay Partner for NURSE 1:2:1 Program

The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (UW-Green Bay) and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) started an innovative new program called NURSE 1:2:1, a program designed to provide qualified applicants with an opportunity to earn a four-year nursing degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) through the combined resources of UW-Green Bay and NWTC. Started in Fall 2016, a first cohort of 24 NURSE 1-2-1 students will begin the program. By completing Year 1 at UW-Green Bay, Years 2 and 3 at NWTC, and finishing Year 4 at UW-Green Bay, students will experience the strengths and resources of both schools.

The student response to this new program has been very positive. Megan Smith, a NURSE 1-2-1 student, is looking forward to “… having the experience of going to a technical college and learning those skills, while still having the opportunity to end with a BSN,” adding “… this is a different program compared to a regular BSN at a 4-year college.” Rebecca Hartley, another NURSE 1-2-1 student, made the decision to apply because the “the program is very cost effective and I also get to graduate with my freshman UWGB class.”

When asked about starting the NURSE 1-2-1 Program, student Hannah Sullivan replied, “I’m looking forward to meeting other people that are also passionate about nursing and helping people.” The Fall 2016 NURSE 1-2-1 cohort is comprised of students like Hannah from across the state of Wisconsin, as well as several out-of-state students from Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and California. As employers increasingly look to hire BSN prepared nurses, graduates of the NURSE 1-2-1 Program will bring their passion for helping others while strengthening the nursing workforce in their respective communities.

The American Association of Community Colleges recognized the new UWGB/NWTC NURSE 1-2-1 model in its recent Community College Daily publication. Read the article here. This model and several other approaches mentioned have great promise for building a stronger BSN-prepared nursing workforce.

For more information on the NURSE 1:2:1 program, contact Christine Vandenhouten, Chair of Nursing Programs & Director of BSN-LINC, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, or Kay Tupala, Dean, Health Sciences & Education, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.