Oct 28, 2021

Nursing Action Coalition of Florida

Under the guidance of Dr. Diane Hogan the Florida Action Coalition was reorganized in 2021.  The co-leads for the new coalition are Florida Nurses Association and Florida Department of Health.

Dr. Jan Adams and Dr. Rita Smith are the co-leaders for the new Nursing Action Coalition of Florida.

Our Mission and Vision Statements 

The mission of the NACFL:  To champion a culture of health for the people of Florida by fostering health equity and improving outcomes through nursing and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The vision of the NACFL:   A healthy Florida where all people can achieve optimum health and well-being.

The Coalition Membership

Integral to our mission, is engaging our co-leads and partners.  Together, these stakeholders represent nursing, healthcare, public health, and community interests. Partners are diverse, representing healthcare, the business sector, a foundation, a nursing organization, a community/university college, or other statewide, regional public or private entity.  These entities are committed to:

  • Demonstrating broad, nonpartisan support for action on the report recommendations.
  • Encouraging high-level leaders from diverse organizations to get involved.
  • Generating significant media attention to the issues across Florida and in key communities across the state.
  • Ensuring engagement of coalition partners at the state and local level.

We invite partners and individuals to become a part of this important work for the people of Florida.