Apr 21, 2023

Resources to Help National Nursing Organizations Create A Shared Agenda: Health Equity

The first recommendation in the 2021 Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Charting a Path to Achieve Health Equity report is “Creating a Shared Agenda.” The recommendation calls for national nursing organizations to initiate work to develop a shared agenda for addressing social determinants of health and achieving health equity. 

The Campaign for Action has broken the recommendation into seven sub-recommendations. A group of graduate nursing students from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, using the sub-recommendations as categories, found resources and created the repository below that can help nursing organizations create a shared agenda.

1.1 Within nursing organizations: Assess and eliminate racist and discriminatory policies.

1.2 Across nursing organizations: Leverage expertise of public health nursing.

1.3 Across nursing organizations: Leverage expertise in care coordination and care management.

1.4 Across nursing organizations: Develop mechanisms for nurses’ health, well- being, resiliency, and self-care.

1.5 External to nursing organizations: Use communication strategies to amplify health-equity related issues.

1.6 External to nursing organizations: Increase the number and diversity of nurses.

1.7 External to nursing organizations: Establish awards recognizing contributions in achieving health equity.