Feb 18, 2015

Messaging Primer for Action Coalitions

Have you or members of your Action Coalition ever been unsure how to explain to outside stakeholders about the work of the Campaign for Action, and why they may want to be involved? We have a new message primer for you.

The message guide provides direction for reaching out to new and diverse sectors of nurses, business leaders, policymakers, health care leaders, and other audiences. Use the primer to prepare talking points, speeches, news releases, and other written content, as well as for tips in engaging formal or informal audiences. The primer includes:

  • The Campaign’s mission statement and vision
  • Topline findings from market research of nurses and top stakeholders
  • Winning messages tested during focus groups and by communications experts
  • Messaging tips and techniques
  • Talking points for specific audiences
  • A message evaluation checklist
  • Guidance to craft your personalized elevator speech

Need more information about the message primer? Watch the Campaign’s pre-recorded webinar, Your Action Coalition: Multiply through Messaging, on how to reach and engage diverse nursing audiences: (1) young nurses, (2) experienced nurses with ADNs, (3) African-American and/or Latino nurses, and (4) new Action Coalition members who can help advance the future of nursing.