Dec 10, 2018

Ohio Creates Education Diversity Resource Toolkit

The Ohio Action Coalition created a diversity toolkit for nursing school programs interested in increasing the enrollment and retention of diverse groups of students. Using annual data from the Ohio Board of Nursing, the toolkit provides a breakdown of the nursing data in the state and also shares strategies and resources for implementing a diversity plan. Six of the strategies are:

  1. Summer and Bridge Programs: pre-admission workshops in secondary school to boost college admission test scores.
  2. Mentorship: establish relationships to promote academic and professional success.
  3. Leadership Development: provide tools to prospective leaders.
  4. Public Awareness: promote diversity awareness among students and staff in order to enhance cultural competence.
  5. Financial Counseling: discuss financial expectations (tuition, books, fees) as well as available resources (scholarships and grants).
  6. Scholarships or Grants: increase awareness on scholarship and grant opportunities.