State Implementation Program

Phase: SIP 4 

Oregon Nurses on Strategic Healthcare Boards

Project Accomplishments:

The Oregon Action Coalition focused on preparing nurses to serve as board members and leaders in their communities by:

  • Conducting research and building partnerships with other organizations. The Action Coalition identified about 200 nurses serving on boards within the state;
  • Developing workshops and presentations focused on board leadership, with more than 250 people participating;
  • Creating an online toolkit for nurses wishing to serve on a board, and for organizations who are looking for a nurse to fill a board member role. The toolkit is composed of articles, self-assessments, videos, resources, podcasts, and more; and
  • Holding a conference in June 2017 with the focus on board leadership and “board matching” – a workshop where participating community organizations, including nonprofits and government agencies, described their programs and board requirements.

As a result of its work, the Action Coalition established a relationship with the Oregon Governor’s office. During its “board matching” session, many nurses indicated an interest in pursuing state board positions. The Oregon team created a “value brochure” to share with nurses how to be successful in board service. The brochure was distributed at the June conference and was well received as a helpful resource to increase awareness among organizations about nurses being great board members.

The Oregon Action Coalition also completed the production of six podcasts. The podcasts are posted on the Oregon Nurses on Boards Toolkit website with free access. Topics include:

  • Dos and don’ts of board service.
  • The importance of self-assessment.
  • Professional development and board service.
  • Building networking and communication skills.
  • Obstacles to board service.

The Oregon Action Coalition succeeded in providing training to about 250 nurses and believes that it increased awareness for how nurses can build healthier communities by serving in community board roles across the state.



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