State Implementation Program

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Preparing Virginia Nurses to Lead Change and Advance Health

Project Accomplishments:

The Virginia Action Coalition focused its work on expanding an interprofessional leadership program to prepare health care providers to take a team-based approach to care.

The program, SYNC – Transforming Healthcare Leadership, is a collaboration between the Virginia Nurses Foundation, the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, the Medical Society of Virginia, and the Virginia Department of Health. The goal is to prepare health care providers, including physicians and nurses, to take a team-based approach to care. Participating teams include two to five care providers including at least one registered nurse who meet in person four or five times, and virtually for additional learning opportunities. The curriculum includes presentations on creative leadership, individual and collaborative leadership, interprofessional storytelling, work-life balance, payment reform and provider collaboration, and operationalizing the core competencies of professional collaboration.

A cornerstone of the program is that teams are asked to identify a problem in their environment and tackle it interprofessionally. The learning experience culminates with teams presenting their projects to the group. Informational resources and support consultations are provided throughout the program to fine tune each team’s project focus and approach. At the time of reporting, three cohorts consisting of 128 participants have completed SYNC, including 46 nurses, 28 physicians, and 54 other clinicians. Participants represented acute care hospitals, physician practices, hospice, and home health.

SYNC has resulted in the creation of new models for delivering services and has had a positive impact on how the graduating teams work together to identify efficiencies and opportunities and have a positive impact on the health of our communities.




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