State Implementation Program

Phases: SIP 1  SIP 3 

Wisconsin Nursing Leads the PACC
(Partnerships in Action for Community Care)

Project Accomplishments:

Wisconsin has strengthened infrastructure of its Action Coalition and greatly expanded outreach through social media. It has devoted substantial efforts to each of the recommendations in the IOM report, and cataloged work being done in this area by others in the state. The Wisconsin dashboard mirrors that of the national Campaign for Action and provides a clear view of all metrics.

Wisconsin has advanced nursing education through a number of mechanisms, including a recognition program for nursing employers who are exemplars in supporting staff academic progression, an evaluation of financial aid barriers for students, a survey and report from nursing faculty, and support of innovative academic progression pathways.

Wisconsin held board and philanthropy trainings and formed a mentoring program to prepare nurses to serve in leadership roles. The Action Coalition also developed several resources related to interprofessional practice and team-based care, which enhanced partnerships for community-based care.

The team developed and piloted a tool for objective assessment of nursing diversity, and supported enhanced diversity through focused outreach and messaging.



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