Nov 18, 2015

The Numbers Are There: Using Data to Pave the Way to Increased Diversity

November 18, 2015

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

The changing face of America means that its nurses must be equally diverse. That’s one reason the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing report set as a goal greater diversity in the nursing workforce.

Good news: Data are available to guide Action Coalitions in creating a more diverse workforce.

This webinar will help states find and use facts and statistics to assess and track the diversity within their state’s nursing workforce and among graduates of nursing programs. Participants will also learn how to develop a “diversity ratio”—comparing diversity among nurses in each state to the state’s population.

Presenters are Edward Salsberg, MPH, director of health workforce studies at the George Washington University Health Workforce Institute and instructor at the George Washington University School of Nursing; and Leo Quigley, MPH, senior research assistant at the George Washington University School of Nursing.


Salsberg Handouts
Webinar slides