Feb 10, 2014

340 Organizational Members! Action Coalition Advice to Colleagues: Coalition Building

You did it – your Action Coalition successfully engaged another stakeholder, but now you must make the most of their commitment.

With over 340 organizations as members, the Texas Action Coalition has a well-designed system to ensure new stakeholders are welcomed and engaged with immediate calls-to-action. To do this, the Texas Team uses a Coalition Membership Model in which organizations join at no cost.

Coalition Membership Model

  • Organizations complete an application.  Applicants are provided an application and a document that describes what they are committing to by joining (Both resources attached). Also attached, is a shorter “business application” that the Texas Action Coalition uses for some non-healthcare businesses.
  • Application is submitted and processed.  The application is sent to a central email address where a central Action Coalition member processes. The organization is added to the Coalition membership list (resource attached). The new member is added to the appropriate region and their email is added to the distribution list to receive communications from the Texas Team.
  • Send welcome email.  This email (resources attached) includes:
    • A membership list with their organization added
    • An orientation to the Campaign for Action website and Texas state page
    • A call to “like” the Texas Team on Facebook and add the logo to their email salutation
    • A carbon copy (CC) of the email to Regional Team leads.
  • The Regional Nurse Leaders reach out.  Regional leaders contact new organizations (in most cases, they usually recruit the organization in the first place) and integrate the new organizations into the regional work.

Membership Application- Organization

Membership Application – Business

Committment doucment

Welcome Email

Membership list