Feb 27, 2019

Campaign for Action Speaking Request Form

If you would like to request a visit from a Campaign for Action spokesperson, please fill out the Speaking Request Form below and follow the instructions. The Center to Champion Nursing in America (CCNA) will evaluate all requests and contact you to discuss your particular goals. Campaign resources are limited so not all requests will be fulfilled, but we will work with you to maximize resources and provide technical assistance.

For questions, please contact us and put “SPEAKING REQUEST” in the body of the message. Below you will find other resources to help you plan a site visit for a Campaign spokesperson, including a stakeholders checklist, sample schedule of events, tips for hosting an Action Coalition event, a template media advisory you can use to announce your event to the media, and a photo release sign. Please note that if you would like to send out the media advisory to the media outlets in your area, you must submit your media advisory draft to mcourville@aarp.org at least two weeks prior to your event to allow for review and approval.


Speaking request form
Stakeholders checklist
Sample: Schedule of Events
Tips to hosting an Action Coalition event
Media Advisory Template
Action Coalition photo release