Apr 07, 2020

Fundraising Toolkit Materials

This fundraising toolkit has been assembled in collaboration with nine Action Coalitions taking part in a pilot program focused on building and advancing their fundraising operations.  The toolkit includes overview materials, resource guides and workbooks to aid Action Coalitions in their work to secure support for their programs.

Descriptions of materials:

  • Core Pillars of Successful Fundraising: This overview presents descriptions of the four areas that comprise a best-practice fundraising program—donor engagement, leadership, case for support and internal operations.  The overview also includes key questions for Action Coalitions to consider as they build or strengthen their work in each of these areas.
  • Fundraising Principles: This overview includes descriptions of three fundamental fundraising concepts that lead to efficient, effective, donor-centered fundraising operations—the donor pyramid, relationship management and return on investment in fundraising.
  • Case for Support Materials: This workbook describes the case development process, from initial conversations through to the creation of donor-ready collateral materials.  It includes a series of worksheets and exercises the advance Action Coalitions through the process.
  • Special Event Planning Guide: This workbook includes a planning tool for developing and preparing for a fundraising event, with a series of questions and exercises for Action Coalitions.  It also includes pre- and post-event evaluation tools and benchmarks.
  • Prospect Research Source Guide: This resource guide includes details on the goals of prospect research and a comprehensive list of resources for conducting research online. It also includes research profile templates.
  • Sample Donor Funder Messages and Sample Case Presentation (PPT):  These two pieces build off of the case workbook provided in the previous set of materials, providing a suggested framework for talking about your Action Coalition with a potential donor or funder.  The documents include suggestions on how to tailor the text based on your work and goals as well as based on your audience.
  • Building Widespread Support and Engagement : This document considers different structures that various Action Coalitions have used to build engagement and interest in their states, including models for membership as well as suggestions on types of fundraising appeals.
  • Volunteer Engagement Toolkit: This toolkit provides a set of resources for engaging volunteers in supporting fundraising efforts and includes opportunities for different levels of involvement based on individuals’ comfort level and interest in helping with fundraising.
  • Relationship Management Toolkit and Relationship Mapping Worksheet (XLS): This toolkit gives an overview of the typical cycle that a potential donor or funder goes through before and after making a gift.  It includes resources for each step in that cycle. The supplemental Relationship Mapping Worksheet is a template you can use with volunteers to ask them to help identify connections they might have to potential funders or donors.  An additional Prospect Tracking Spreadsheet is in development and will be added to the resource center when finalized.
  • Fundraising Operating Plan Template: This template lays out the key elements that make up a strong annual fundraising plan, including overarching goals, a budget, calendar and key implementation steps.  Many of the other materials that have been developed through the fundraising program can “feed into” the fundraising operating plan. ·