Feb 18, 2015

Your Action Coalition: Multiply Through Messaging

February 18, 2015

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Hosted on February 18, 2015:

Jumpstart 2015 with a recruitment drive that’s powered by tried and tested messages in this webinar, “Your Action Coalition: Multiply Through Messaging.” Learn how to reach and engage diverse nursing audiences-(1) young nurses, (2) experienced nurses with ADNs, (3) African-American and/or Latino nurses, and (4) new Action Coalition members who can help advance the future of nursing. During this lively webinar, we’ll share findings from national message testing and show you how the right words, delivered in the right way, can win the support of your fellow nurses and inspire them to embrace their leadership potential.


  • Winifred Quinn, PhD, Director of Advocacy and Consumer Affairs, Center to Champion Nursing in America
  • Shannon Mouton Gray, Director of Marketing, McKinney and Associates, Campaign for Action Communications Team
  • Gretchen Wright, Vice President, PR Solutions, Campaign for Action Communications Team
  • Judy Liesveld, PHD, PNP, RN, New Mexico Action Coalition
  • Victoria Vinton, MSN, RN, Nebraska Action Coalition

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