Aug 02, 2021

Action Plans for Recommendation 2 of the Future of Nursing 2030 Report

On June 3 and 4, 2021, the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action assembled key opinion leaders, experts, and change makers across the fields of health care, nursing and health equity. The goal: Build actions plans to operationalize the National Academy of Medicine’s Future of Nursing 2020 2030: Charting a Path to Achieve Health Equity report. Below are the action plans related to Recommendation #2. The draft workplans are examples of how the recommendation may be addressed.

All Action Plans

By 2023, state and federal government agencies, health care and public health organizations, payers, and foundations should initiate substantive actions to enable the nursing workforce to address social determinants of health and health equity more comprehensively, regardless of practice setting.

Sub-Recommendation Action Plans 

2.1 Rapidly increase number of nurses with expertise in health equity and in specialty areas with current shortages

2.2 Invest in nursing education and traineeships in public health

2.3 Direct funds to nurses and nursing schools to sustain and increase diversity

2.4 Invest in nurse loan and scholarship programs

2.5 Prioritize longitudinal community based learning opportunities in all relevant

2.6 Support the academic progression of socioeconomically disadvantaged students

2.7 Establish a National Nursing Workforce Commission or significantly invest in and enhance the current capacity of HRSA’s National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice

2.8 Quantify nursing expenditures related to health equity and SDOH

2.9 Include nursing expertise when health related multisector policy reform is being advanced

2.10 Provide sustainable state and federal funding to prepare nurses to address SDOH and advance health equity.

2.11 Employers support nurses to help them play a leading role in achieving health equity